What Is A Jade Roller And What Does It Do?

what is a jade roller

I get asked countless times “what is a jade roller?” and what am I doing when I’m seen on snap chat using the Jade Roller and looking pretty crazy. I’ve always been fascinated with time honored skin care rituals and have noticed it being more embraced in today’s skin care. So today, I thought I go more in depth about what is a jade roller? and why it has stood the test of time for generations.

What Is A Jade Roller?

Jade rollers are a Chinese beauty technique that’s been around for generations as far back as the 7th century. It was a popular tool in much wealthy women’s beauty arsenal during the ancient time. Jade stones are legendary for its healing properties and balancing of the Qi, but besides getting rid of negative energy it can do much more for the skin.

what is a jade roller?

According to New York facialist, Ling Chan, who is a firm believer in the Jade rollers abilities, she explains it’s abilities to improve blood circulation, drainage of excess fluids in the tissue to improving skin elasticity, fine lines, and a faster cell turnover. Chan also believes that even the use of the jade roller for a few minutes is very anti- aging, because of how much we use the muscles in our face this helps to break through that blockage.

I always notice an evener complexion and plumper skin with each use. This is a great tool that fits nicely into the small areas on our face to get a full facial massage. I find this approach very therapeutic and have since added it to the list of ways to pamper myself.

what is a jade roller?

How To Use

-Apply your favorite serum and then use the jade roller to roll in an upward direction starting at the neck.

-Although jade stones are naturally cooling, you can stick it in the refrigerator before each use to maximize its full effect.

-Apply gentle pressure to sweep away toxins and balance fluids in the tissue.

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