My Trip To Las Vegas | The Strip

Las Vegas is known to be “The city that never sleeps”. People from all over the world come here for it’s nightlife that it’s become such a diverse place in culture it’s great for people-watching. The strip stretches an exhausting length of 4.5 miles filled with street entertainment, casinos, hotels and attractive buildings.

If there was only one thing I can tell someone about how to prepare for Las Vegas, it’d be to bring your most comfortable pair of shoes. You’re going to be doing more walking then you think and do not underestimate the look of the small distance from one building to another. My feet was literally killing me just walking inside one building to the next. There is always something to see next door so a comfortable pair of shoe can help you comfortably navigate from one place to another.

If you’re not big on walking the miles then you’ll want to download the Uber app, this app was really helpful and I found it way cheaper than taking a taxi! You’ll be jumping from one place to another so this app will help you get a ride without the trouble of having to drive yourself and deal with finding parking.

I stayed on the south end of the strip in the Luxor Hotel and Casinos. The tower suite was clean and very spacious. Although, I didn’t get the best window view I’m not complaning, I was only in there to sleep and gone for most of the day and night. The hotel is located near the McCarren airport and what better way to experience the whole strip by starting at one end and ending it on the other side.

I enjoyed seeing the city come to life as it nears dark. Even though it’s just as much alive in the day time, the view at night from the top of the Stratosphere was breath taking and probably the highlight of my trip. If you get the chance, book a “Top Of The World” dinner reservation inside the Stratosphere and experience the view from the top of the world. Though, the food is quite pricey, the New York Steak was super delicious! Just think of it as paying for the view, you won’t be disspointed. In addition, we had an amazing server who was attentive and knowledgeable and shared much of Las Vegas most favorite attractions with us.

My favorite building has to be Bellagio. Mostly because of the Fountain of Bellagio and it’s Conservatory and Botanical Garden. The building itself was very elegant and just very clean inside and out. If you get the chance, definitely see the dancing waters at the Fountain of Bellagio and check out the Botanical garden that changes it’s theme each season.

The “Old Strip”

If you’re looking for more street entertainment then check out the old strip located downtown on Fremont Street. The “old strip” is known as the historic center of Las Vegas and is only a few miles from the strip depending on where you start. It’s definitely a different vibe downtown and retains that old school charm.