Loving Tan | How To Get The Perfect Tan This Summer

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I was never a tanning person. I didn’t believe there was a product that can give me a natural looking tan without looking like an orange until I used Loving Tan 2HR Express Tanning Mousse. For many years I either tanned in the sun or was one of those girls looking a little too pale in her bikini. I’ve witnessed my sister turning orange one year trying to self-tan, that was enough to ruin the experience for me.

Spring rolls around for other parts of the globe and I’m scrolling through Instagram in rainy, sixty degrees Oregon, and people in cute tiny bikinis all sun-kissed and perfectly bronzed somewhere on the white beachy sand. I thought “Hey? That could be me?” But nooo… I haven’t had to slightest luck to tan with this Oregon weather.

But being such a big skin care fanatic I know first-hand damn well, tanning in the sun is not healthy and I was never much of a tanner anyway so I don’t know why I was waiting for the sun hoping to be perfectly bronzed. I don’t know why this year I suddenly felt the need to be tan but I started researching best tanning product and came upon some of my favorite YouTubers using Loving Tan. That was enough to sell me! With so many tanning products out there I had to trust my favorite YouTubers (Low-key, my best friends, they just don’t know me, yet..lol).

I’m relieved to say I got lucky my first time self-tanning. I purchased Loving Tan 2HR Express Tanning Mousse and I love it! It applies so smoothly and results were quick. I fell asleep after applying it for… eh, I wanna say three almost four hours, woke up freaking out thinking, uh oh… now I’m way too dark?! I was surprised after rinsing how natural the tan was and continue to have faith in the product! Now I’m addicted before I was afraid to be too tan that now I’m just like…I could be darker?! I enjoyed the sun-kissed for almost a whole week before having to reapply.


Loving Tan 2hr express before and after

Here’s how to get the perfect tan with Loving Tan 2HR Express Tanning Mousse

  1. Start off by showering and exfoliating
  2. Shave, so that the product can apply seamlessly without settling around any hair follicles.
  3. Moisturize any dry areas, particularly paying attention to the elbows, knees, ankles, wrist) You want to moisturize in these areas because the tanning product tends to darken more in these areas because it is drier. (You want an even tan)
  4. Next, apply Loving Tan 2HR Express Tanning Mousse with Loving Tan applicator mitt.
  5. Apply a small amount and blend as you go
  6. Wait 60 seconds for the product to dry before dressing

(Now wait 2 hours before rinsing off and enjoy the tan!)

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