Favorites Round Up

Hi, friends! I can’t believe we’re already halfway into the year. It seems the older I’m getting the faster time flys and to think summers only began but it’s almost over at the same time! Since the summer started I haven’t really bought any new makeup. Let alone, I haven’t been doing much makeup. I’ve been investing into other areas of my life, but regardless, I wanted to show you guys some of my favorites round up I have been reaching for quite often. I also been going back to some old favorites and have fallen in love all over again.

Pixi Skin Treats Glow Mist

I know this summer I’ve been talking about “the glow” and I’ve already mentioned this product in another post but since it’s Junes Favorite Round Up it’s only appropriate I mention it again! I’ve been Obsess with Pixi skin treats Glow Mist. I love the healthy looking glow it gives, it’s been my go-to mist lately. I especially enjoy this over my morning skin care, it makes my skin look fresh and awake. You can read all about my favorite affordable facial mist here.

Pixi Petra Eye Bright Kit Medium/Tan

So I finally gave the Pixi Eye Bright Kit a try. I had received it in one of my goodie bags from the Gen Beauty event held in San Francisco last November. Since I have been enjoying the Pixi Glow Mist I thought I’ll like the eye bright kit as well, luckily I did. I’m thinking of bringing it with me whenever I travel. It’s compact and everything I need is in this quad.

I like that it’s very natural and not drying. I used this over my skin care for a very natural look and ended up liking it. This is an eye brightening kit so I did not expect anything full coverage from it, however, I do like the brightening I get from using it. The highlighter is also very subtle and decent. I’ve been very minimal with makeup lately so this little kit is perfect. It’s also infused with anti-aging goodies so yay! Points to that.

Shea Moisture Coconut & Hibiscus Radiance Mud Mask

This summer I’ve been more focused on skin care and because I enjoy pampering my skin I was on the hunt for an affordable mud mask. My skin type is dry so I always try to steer clear of any mask that is drying. I’ve only heard good things about the brand Shea Moisture and have been loving their firming lotion so I decided to try out their radiance clay mask.

Some people experienced a burning or tingling feeling with this mask, I did experience some tingling in the beginning but it soon goes away and it wasn’t unbearable for me. Keep in mind everyone has different skin types so one product may not be for everyone. Although I read in the reviews that the burning is how it takes off any dead skin I would recommend speaking to your dermatologist first if that is a concern for you.

Despite the hit or miss because of the burning/tingly feeling I actually like this mask. I liked that it didn’t strip my face of its naturals oils after purifying my skin and my skin actually felt nice and smooth after rinsing it off. I did notice a more even complexion and the consistency is very pleasant to work with and applies smoothly.


Willow And Sage Magazine

I was in the aisle at my local drugstore trying to find a new book to read and wandered into the magazine section. I’ve never been big on spending on magazines but I thought I pick up a few good ones for my blog photos. The Willow And Sage magazine instantly caught my attention because of its dreamy cover, the colors were everything! To my surprise, it was a magazine on homemade bath and body and I’m all about the DIYs.

I get a little crafty from time to time and knew this would be the perfect magazine to have. I especially love the photos inside! It’s literally everything my dreams are made of (LOL). If you guys love skin care and are into natural homemade bath and body stuff then this magazine is for you, it’s full of easy-to-do recipes! They do have a magazine subscription you can subscribe to on their website to receive copies of the magazine.


Forever 21 Two-Strap Jelly Sandals

These cute pink jelly sandals from Forever 21 cost me less than ten bucks. They’re so comfortable! I’ve been wearing them everywhere running errands. I originally wanted the black ones but they ran out in my size. I found these pink ones in my size, misplaced in the jeans section, lucky me.

Makeup Forever HD Invisible Stick Foundation

I took a break from this foundation because at one point the color was off for my skin and that’s natural as our skin tone changes through the seasons. This summer the color was just right again, I fell in love with its dewy natural finish all over again. This is a nice light to medium coverage and blends smoothly.

Anastasia Beverly Hill Brow Wiz

This one is a year-round favorite but I’ve been doing my brows a little different this past month so I’ve been loving it even more.


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