Battling Pigmentation and Aging Skin

You ever go through one breakout and then left to battle pigmentation. It’s like one thing after another and you feel like you just can’t win…it’s a war zone. Or you’ve noticed some signs of aging and wish to turn back the hands of time? It’s one of life’s many sorrows that we actually have to grow old but maybe we don’t have to look old? (wink, wink)

As someone who enjoys experimenting with makeup and putting it on all the time, I know that a smooth makeup application starts with good skin. Two important facial products I use to help battle pigmentation and aging skin are Vitamin C and sunblock.

Vitamin C Serums

Vitamin C (also known as Ascorbic Acid) is a key element in the production of collagen which is essential in regenerating and repairing skin tissues. Because our bodies can not make vitamin C we must obtain it from the foods we eat or use products containing Vitamin C.

Vitamin C has been an essential anti-aging product that helps with a faster cell turnover so that you can have your best skin. Many people use vitamin C serums to target signs of aging, pigmentation, discoloration, and to brighten the facial complexion.

I love using the Cosrx Triple C Lightning Liquid which has 20.5% pure vitamin C. This serum promotes radiance, treats and prevent pigmentation. Another Vitamin C serum is the Klairs Freshly Juiced Vitamin C Serum that features 5% vitamin C and is gentle on sensitive skin.

-Vitamin C is considered a nighttime routine product. Using it in the daytime can make your skin sensitive to sun exposure.
-To maintain its potency, make sure to store your vitamin C product in a dark place and make sure the cap is screwed on tight! Vitamin C loses its potency when exposed to light or air too long.


One of those things we know we should do but over-look this rule all the time. The suns harmful rays promote skin damage and can begin as soon as the minute you step out. It’s recommended to apply sunblock as your final daytime skin care about 15-20 mins before stepping out. After all, all that work against anti-aging, don’t let it go to waste when you forget to apply sunblock.

I’m currently using Missha all around Safe Block Essence Sun Milk. It has an SPF of 50 and I like that its moisturizing and don’t leave me feeling sticky.


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